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Mr. Alain Claude Ngantcha  
Winner: November 02, 2005  
From: Cameroon  
Chers membres de la Canada Green Card J'écris aujourd'hui en français pareceque Ma joie est sans borne au moment ou je vous envoie ce mail, Vous avez transformé mes rêves en réalité. J'ai enfin reçu grace à votre professionnalisme mon visa d'immigrant je vous serais toujours reconnaissant pour ce que vous venez de faire pour moi
En effet , l'ambassade du canada m'a envoyé par UPS mon passport contenat mon visa d'immigrant mais aussi les originaux de mes relevés de notes, les facture des paiements de 550 et 490$ que vous avez effectué pour moi et un formulaire portant ma photo que je devrais remplir et signer à mon arrivée au Canada.
mille fois merci
Mr. Alain Claude Ngantcha

Mr. Alain Claude Ngantcha  
Winner: November 02, 2005  
From :Cameroon  

I am Alain Claude Ngantcha from Cameroon, I would just like to share with all of you my experience with the Canadian immigration house. I was the winner of CIL on the 2nd of November 2005
All my application process is carried out by Canada Green Card I just provide any information they need to fur fill my application After the Hard Work and the best presentation of my application by Canada Green Card Team,
My selection Interview is waived, My landing fees have been paid by Canada Green Card program, I am now preparing to undergo Medical examination,
I am very confident about the positive issue of my demand And I thank very much Canada Green Card for their help and their support.
I am advising all the winners of CIL to be confident and to provide to Canada Green Card specialists all documents they ask. and I am encouraging all those Who have not yet applied to CIL not to hesitate, I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed by Canada Green Card.

Mr. Olaniyi Taofeeq
Winner: July 02, 2006  
From :Nigeria
Dear Canada Green Card,
I must start by appreciating the good work you are doing at Canada Green Card and thank you and your team of Canada Green Card for opportunity given to me through Canada Green Card program to realize my dream to live in Canada with my family .
Thank you,

Olaniyi Taofeeq.
Mr. Brima Turay
Winner: April 05, 2006  
From :China  

Dear CIL Staff,
I am hereby writing to express my sincere thanks and gratitude’s to you for the happiness you brought to my life as a winner in the CIL program. I have always been longing to see myself on the screen as one of the lucky winners since I enrolled in the CIL program a month and a half ago. God as finally answered my dream as I saw myself on
The screen as a winner this morning. I fervently wish you all good health, God's blessing and guidance in all your undertakings. Thank you.
Faithfully yours,
Brima Turay.

Mr. Ruphus Solomon
Winner: March 19, 2006  
From :India
Respected Canada Green Card,
I am delighted to seeing my name and my face as a winner of CIL. Indeed I am thanking to ALMIGHT GOD.My heartfelt thanks to Canada Green Card.
GOD IS GREAT! I appreciate Canada Green Card’s kind attention towards to this process. Canada is my dream land since teenage to live work and settled.
My daughter myself surprise to see my name and the status of New winner today Morning and be blessed.
I have no other word to express more then this Billion of thanks.
Thank you very much Canada Green Card,
With Kind Regards,

Mrs. Bibian Adig Bih
Winner: March 11, 2006  
From :China
Dear Canada Green Card,
I'm so excited and i lack words to express myself. I would like to thank Mr Jean-Marie Abel, Mrs Marie Fahmie and you for your good attention to applicants. I can't still believe it, God is great! A friend told me about CIL on the 26 of February 2006 and i told him Canada has ever been my dreamland.As i have a PC at home,i asked him to open the site for me to read. After reading i told him i always strike the iron when it is hot, I'm applying now and i did. I heard about CIL on 26/02/2006, applied that same day. After i paid the application fee on 01/03/2006 my status read active.
Since then i have always been checking the lucky winner of the day,i will shout every time i see a new face and say some people are born lucky. Yesterday Monday, during break time, i came home, as usual very anxious to see the new lucky face, good God! What did i see? My own face!.Just within 13 days my status is now Winner!!!! You could imagine the rest.
Thanks a million to Canada Green Card.

Mr. Onandjeka Mudimbi Pese Paul
Winner: January 23, 2006  
From :Cote d’Ivoire  
A CIL et Canada Green Card,
Je vous appréçie du fond de mon coeur pour l'accomplissement de mon rève, quand j'ai eu connaissance du programme de Cil je n'ai pas hésité a m'inscrire,je me suis inscrit en Décembre 2005 étant un homme de Dieu je suis un Pasteur j'ai prier mon Dieu je lui ai dit je doit etre parmis les gagnants de janvier Il a exhausé ma prière en Janvier 2006 j'avais gagner, hier c'étais un rève aujourd'hui pour moi c'est une réalité et je bénis Son Saint NOM.
J'ai toujours conservé la confiance en CIL car je suis bien conscient que seul des gens responsables peuvent organiser un tel programme de financement, depuis le jour que j'ai aperçu le site de CIL j'ai toujours conservé la confiance en l'honnêteté des Responsables de CIL, de même la confiance en sois pour être sélectionné.
Croyez-y... vous gagnerez ; CIL c'est une organisation qui respecte ses objectifs pour se faire il n'existe aucun doute de participer a cette loterie. De même tout participant a 365 jours pour être sélectionné: 365 chances d'être un bénéficiaire de Canada Green Card.
Onandjeka Mudimbi Pese Paul

Mr. Ravishankar Majalkodi
Winner: February 27, 2006  
From : Saudi Arabia
Hello Canada Green Card,
It's miraculous to believe that the dream is almost coming true. Immigration to Canada had been a GOLDEN CASHEW NUT (can't eat nor throw).
Your program is really good and helpful for the financially under privileged. May God bless you and your family members for the future generations to come. Let all your associates in this program benefit from the wishes of the people like us.
Thank you.
Ravishankar Majalkodi

Mr. John-beloved Agbolade
Winner: February 09, 2006  
From : United Kingdom  

Dear Canada Green Card,
Really, I count myself extremely lucky to have won the Canadian Immigration Lottery in my life-time. To me, this is my life-time dream getting fulfilled on a platter of gold. So, I'm highly impressed and elevated.
Canada Green Card,I also feel great and very glad that an immigration expert of your status was appointed as my Immigration Consultant. I am already collating my documents one after the other, because I believed this is a life opportunity I can't afford to forfeit.
Thank you very much
John-beloved Agbolade

Mrs. Shaula Faridah Namatovu
Winner: January 26, 2006  
From : Uganda
I was so impressed seeing ma name as a winner it was so strange to a person from the third world like me also winning a chance to have all my Canadian immigration process paid for by you!!!? May the good lord always reward you for that kindness that you exhibited?
Am right now putting together all my papers plus anything else required and send it to you as soon as possible. I have already finished my English language test and the form will accompany the rest of the documents so that I see ma dream become a reality plus my family seeing a better life in the dream land CANADA.
Canada Green Card in particular I thank you so much and will always wish you the best from the almighty. Namatovu Shaula Faridah

Mr. Dimple Chopra
Winner: October 24, 2005  
From : India
Respected Canada Green Card,
First of all, I would like to thank the Canadian Immigration House for giving me and my family the chance and opportunity to immigrate to Canada as a CIL Winner. On the day of October 24, 2005, when I came to know about me been a CIL winner. I feel very much excited. According to my view this is the achievement for me & my family that we are going to Canada for peaceful life. This is the dream for everyone but especially for me. I cannot express my excitement and happiness through words. CIL is the door for me for new world. I want to say bundle of Thanks to all the team of CIL.I always received up to date information from your kind leadership. I shall be highly thankful to you & all the members of CIL.
Yours sincerely,
Dimple Kumar Chopra
Punjab ( India)

Mr. Amos Sabuga
Winner: January 01, 2006  
From : Philippines
First of all, I would like to thank the Canadian Immigration House for giving me and my family the chance and opportunity to immigrate to Canada as a CIL Winner. It was indeed a great blessing for us and we are very happy. I have received also the Immigration Forms and the new checklist sent by Jean-Marie Abel. Currently, we are preparing the needed documents. For the IELTS, I am going to take the scheduled test this coming Feb.11, 2006. I am going to send all the needed documents together with the IELTS test result by end of February to the address that you have mentioned below in your mail. Again, thanks a lot.
Amos Sabuga

Dr. Raheela Hussain
Winner: September 05, 2005  
From : Pakistan
You have provided guidance and support but above all explained to us our particular queries, as they arose, about the immigration process. This is very important for someone who has decided to immigrate to Canada and makes an excellent first impression for us and our children and gives us hope to make a positive contribution toward a freedom loving nation.
Dr. Raheela Hussain

Mr. Sanou Ali
Winner: May 09, 20055
Resident of: Ukraine  

Je suis originaire du Burkina-Faso; présentement je vis en Ukraine dans la ville de Dniepropetrovsk. J'aime beaucoup le Canada, c'est l'unique Pays dans lequel j'aimerai vivre avec ma famille en dehors du Burkina-Faso mon Pays natal.
Comment j'ai pu acquérir cette idée, c'est une longue histoire. A vraie dire je connais très biens la procédure officielle d'immigration au Canada. Mon cousin et moi nous avons commence la procédure depuis l'année 2001, mais voyant l'évolution des affaires commerciales que ma femme et moi menaient nous avons immédiatement suspendu la procédure, pour nous concentrer dans les affaires.
Mais mon cousin et sa femme ont continue et à présent vivent au Canada depuis l'année 2003. J'aime travailler avec l'ordinateur, l'Internet pour moi est l'une des grandes opportunités que je possède. Voici qu'un jour en fouillant dans Google j'ai aperçu le Site de CIL, c'était exactement en Mars 2004. Après avoir lu les conditions pour participer a cette loterie; j'ai immédiatement décidé d'y participer.
Ce que je n'avais pas compris; c'était depuis quand existe CIL et Canada Green Card. Je crois en Dieu (au Seigneur Jésus-Christ). Je ne voyais aucune difficulté qui pouvait m'empêcher de participer à cette loterie d'immigration au Canada, étant donne que c'est mon Pays de rêve. Cette même nuit j'ai rempli le formulaire en ligne, et il me restait à effectuer le versement des frais d'études.
J'ai toujours conservé la confiance en CIL car je suis bien conscient que seul des gens responsables peuvent organiser un tel programme de financement. Depuis la nuit quand j'ai aperçu le site de CIL j'ai toujours conserve la confiance en l'honnêteté des Responsables de CIL, de même la confiance en sois pour être sélectionné; mais chaque jour je mentionnais ma situation dans toutes mes priéres. J'ai cru, et j'ai gagne.
Croyez-y... vous gagnerez ; CIL c'est une organisation qui respecte ses objectifs pour se faire il n'existe aucun doute de participer a cette loterie. De même tout participant a 365 jours pour être sélectionné: 365 chances d'être un bénéficiaire de Canada Green Card.
Depuis mon admission CIL m'a toujours gentiment répondu. A présent mon Dossier d'immigration au Canada se trouve au niveau de Vienne et les frais de traitement ont été payés par Canada Green Card. Canada Green Card me représente totalement dans la procédure, et je suis fort convaincu qu'il oeuvra jusqu'a mon arrivée au Canada.
Pour se faire chers intéressés, et chères intéressées je vous demande de ne pas hésiter à vous adresser à CIL si vous avez l'intension de vous installer au Canada.
Merci du fond du coeur a CIL et Marie Fahmi
Ali Sanou

Mrs. Khayri Nesrine
Winner: January 01, 2006
From : Egypt
My Dear Jean-Marie Abel
I have to tell you that I love you and My Dear Canada Green Card I thank you all and all CIL team work. You Can't Imagine How Much you put delight to my Heart and My life, kisses and hugs for the Greatest and trusty agency Canadian immigration House and for the great truthful team of that great work. Thank you again
I love you all.

Mrs. Khayri Nesrine  

Mr. Ismaila Hedd Suleman
Winner: January 20, 2006
From : Nigeria  

Dear Canada Green Card,
Thanks for the happiness that your brought my way by the news of my winning in the lottery to immigrate to Canada.
Thanks so much as I look forward to hear from you.
Ismaila Hedd Suleman  

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